Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Loss and Gain

Life groans like a patient

Afflicted with rheumatism

The needle of the

Clock is on fire

I get multiple faces

Oh! The flautist,

Play the music of


The dancer has lost

Her anklets,

The watchman

His stick,

The mother

Her mind,

The father

His thoughts,

The children

Their dreams,

Some people

Their shelter,

Few others

Their fear,

A lot many

Their courage,

The words

Their meaning

And sharpness;

The horrendous

Rolling of machines

Has stolen

The hearing power

Of the rivers,

And the smokes

Their vision;

The fungus-smothered

Spectacles change colours

Snails face extinction

Pens start embarking

On special carriages

Brains repose on easy chairs

As the ink and the paper

Blame each other

The gold casts

a sarcastic smile

The sugar overthrows

The salt in tears.

By Ismail Meladi

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