Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Green Dream

Oh my small baby that sleeps

Enjoying the warmth of my chest

You too see the tree that I saw

You too see the flowery branches,

The spring that blooms the flowers,

The shades and the contentment

But, see not the trees burning

Oh dear, see the green leaves

And the dews that cool them

See the shyness of the grass tip

That blossoms self-immersed

But, see not the leaves charring

Oh my kid, see the land

See the moon grass on it

And the lotus bloomed in mud

That mirrors its face on moon

The embarrassment on its face

See them all eyes wide open

See not the barrenness spreading

Oh my young child, walk further

Listen to pure charming music

Surprise unfurls on the creepers

That crawled up on the fence

See the first rays of sun caress

The reed bushes after reaching

Like the snakes move around

In the reed bushes that became

A worship place for the villagers

Where the ancient hymns rise

Awake from the nap the reeds

Will hum the morning rhythm

Lend ears to this, not explosions

Take a stroll or two across the fields

The stems of paddy plants

Will play melodies for you

Flowery plants on the shores

Will call you with their hands

Rhythmically and the streams

Will sing sweet tunes for that

Smell not the discharging blood

With a sea of tears and folded hands

I beg your pardon my little child

Sitting even in this concrete jungle

I whisper in your ears green garden

At least, let a green dream unfold

In your deep and comfortable sleep

Let you not be hurt at least inside.

By Ismail Meladi

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